What are my Favorite Games?

I suppose it would be important to list some of my top favorite games, as they will be talked about the most! So, as to my favorites...

  1. Dead by Daylight
  2. Clker-Free-Vector-Images - pixabay.com - CC-0

    This is most definitely my favorite game! Dead by Daylight is basically an asymmetrical horror action game. In Dead by Daylight, 4 survivors must work together to repair 5 generators and escape through an exit, while avoiding a killer. When playing as the killer, you must sacrifice all four survivors to a "god" called the Entity. Each killer has a different ability, like being able to teleport or being able to set traps. Some famous characters even make an appearance, such as Michael Myers!

    Link to game website

  3. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  4. Unknown author, though it is created by Ubisoft - commons.wikimedia.org - CC-BY-NC

    This game would definitely be my second favorite. It is a game about counterterrorist operations. There are several gamemodes with different objectives, but they all involve attack versus defense. There are many operatives, each with different abilities, such as having a breaching hammer or a heartbeat sensor, detecting enemies through walls at a short range.

    Link to game website

  5. Enter the Gungeon
  6. Playstation Europe - flickr.com - CC-BY-NC

    Enter the Gungeon is a much more different game over the other two. It is a roguelike bullethell shooter. Roguelike means that everything is randomly generated, and death means starting over. Unlocks are still retained, however. With variety around every corner, in the form of guns, enemies, items, and even bosses, Enter the Gungeon is a fun game through and through!

    Link to game website

  7. White Noise 2
  8. BagoGames - flickr.com - CC-BY

    White Noise 2 is similar to Dead by Daylight in that it is also an asymmetrical horror game. However, this is where the similarities stop. White Noise 2 is a game much more focused on strategy and actual horror, and has many different mechanics to it. A notable mechanic is "Sanity," where the investigator start to lose their mind if they stare at supernatural events, or are affected by a creature's powers. As an investigator goes insane, large amounts of static begin to appear on their screen (as well as bugs) obstructing their vision. The objective of White Noise 2 as an investigator is to banish an ancient evil, of which there are many different kinds. A creature's objective, however, is to devour all of the investigators, and prevent them from finding 8 clues that lead them to the location of the Ancestral Artifact, a portal to evil. Both investigators and creatures have unique characters, with every single one having unique advantages, disadvantages, and abilities.

    Link to game website

  9. Borderlands 2
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    Borderlands 2 is a rather different game from most shooters. In this game, you can choose from six different characters, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. From Axton the Commando to Gaige the Mechromancer, everything in this game has variety, in guns, items, and classes. Not only is there a large amount of variety, there's a long way to go before reaching the maximum level. Starting at a level 50 cap (can be increased to 61, then 72), this game can be entertaining for hours!

    Link to game website

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