Borderlands 2 - A Simple Guide (Work in progress)

Borderlands 2 is a vastly different game from others. It is a 4-player co-op shooter, but can be played in single player. The main idea is to progress through a story (this can be done multiple times), collecting loot and leveling up skills along the way. In this guide, I will go over as follows;

  1. Zer0 the Assassin - General Overview
  2. Gaige the Mechromancer - General Overview
  3. Krieg the Psycho - General Overview
  4. Axton the Commando - General Overview
  5. Maya the Siren - General Overview
  6. Salvador the Gunzerker - General Overview
  7. Bosses - Description and Tips
  8. Guns - Legendaries and their Properties

Zer0 the Assassin

Zer0 the Assassin is a very interesting and mysterious character. He has so many irregularities about him, from his 4-fingered hands to how he always speaks in haiku. His ability is Decepti0n. When activated, Zer0 will send out a holographic clone of himself and cloak for about 6 seconds. As the timer ticks down, Zer0's melee damage, gun damage, and critical hit damage will increase (to a maximum of about 650%, 200%, and 250% respectively). As one can imagine, this is a rather strong bonus when used milliseconds before Decepti0n ends. During Decepti0n, Zer0 will not be targeted by enemies; instead, his holographic clone will. Zer0, as well as most other characters, has 3 "midstone" skills and 3 "capstone" skills. These are skills in the middle and top of the skill tree when leveling Zer0 up. His first midstone, in the "Sniping" tree is "B0re". This skill is a very hard one to set up, but can be the most devastating skill in the game. With this skill, shots now pass through enemies. If an enemy is hit with a bullet that passed through someone, they will suffer 100% more of the damage than the previous enemy. This damage bonus stacks per enemy pierced. Decepti0n will also undergo change, highlighting critical hit locations while in Decepti0n. The 100% bonus to damage per enemy pierced can be very devastating with the right set up. Zer0's second midstone is called "Death Mark," located in the "Cunning" skill tree. With this skill, hitting any enemy with a melee attack will place a zero over their head, and they will take 80% more damage. This skill is a very practical one, allowing for a very good bonus to damage dealt.